Off Track 1 was a day of 16mm film screening and installation at 319 Scholes. The first in a series of events exploring the moving image as it is fractured by various visual technologies.

There are so called cameras today that see the world in spectrums that are steps removed from what humans can perceive. The quotidian use of these machines to determine the “real” (electron microscopes for example) radically change the very way that we interpret what we see, by repositioning representations of the camera’s impressions, in a directly correlative way with our own bodies. This relationship changes not only the borders of perception of reality, but eventually social, political and economic infrastructure itself.
Despite the radical changes imaging technology undergoes on a daily basis, we are still operating with indexical materials. These materials from emulsion on board to ccd sensors, depend on translation to operate correctly, and refresh rates for display. Exposure is still necessary to capture and print/display an image. Frame rate is still necessary to convey motion.
Off Track presents a narrative of vision, where old and new media are mixed and used together, exploring the changing message that our increasingly abstracted systems of perception do and can be used to convey.