Interactive Projection Designer
Resident VJ @ the Mile High Club (Pianos)
Organizer of NYC Patching Circles
yud ]dot[ sofy ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
917 755 0390

NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program: MPS
The Free Cooper Union: BFA

2012-2014 Video Art Educator MoMA, Eyebeam, DOE
2012 Neighborhood Coordinator, Brooklyn Museum
2011-2012 Senior Tech @ Advanced Prototyping Lab, Parsons
2010-2011 Community Programmer, 319 scholes
2009-2010 Technical Director-Temporary Exhibition Spaces @ ARS Electronica

2014 Pulse Fest Rubin Museum, NYC
2014 Single Channel Cheese Burgers, Outpost Artist Resources, NYC
2014 Thread, LaMama, NYC
2014 Lost Property Unit, HERE Theater, NYC
2013 Parrots, Flux Factory, Queens, NY
2013 Chrome Candles Viewing Hour, Spectacle Theater, NYC
2013 Lost Property Unit WIP Showing, Building 110, Governor’s Island, NYC
2013 Pornj Temple at Disorient and Wheel of Fortune at Center Camp, Black Rock City, NV
2013 VJ, June 19, Luminato Festival, Toronto
2013 Drone Piloting and coordination, Story Day, River to River Festival, NYC
2013 Wheel of Fortune, Figment, Governor’s Island, NYC
2013 Demise of Dinosaurs at Horned Ball, 3LD, NYC
2013 Video Design for The Comfort of Numbers, @Signature Theater, NYC
2013 Video Design for L’Chaim, @Horace Mann Theater, Culumbia U., NYC
2013 Lost Property Unit at Culturemart, HERE, NYC
2013 Future of Cinema, Eyebeam, NYC
2013 Assemble X, Knockdown Center, NYC
2012 Naturalization Service at Center Camp, Black Rock City, Nevada
2012 Demise of Dinosaurs at Knockdown Center, NYC
2012 Art Hack Day, 319 Scholes, NYC
2011 Being & Event, Postmasters Gallery, NYC
2011 Not Spring Not Winter, 319 Scholes, NYC
2010 SPEECH/less, 319 Scholes, NYC
2010, 2009, 2008 Maker Faire, NY Hall of Science, NYC
2010 Presentation as part of the Motion Lab at ISEA Ruhr, Ruhr Germany
2010 Palais Kabbelwerk, Residency + Talks, Vienna, Austria
2010 S-video debut at Not Spring Not Winter, part of Site Fest NYC
2009 Radio Spotting Aug 26-Sept 31 NiebelungBruke, Linz
2009 Perils of Obedience performance at Fete de la Musique, Paris
2009 Residency at Steim, and Performance at NiMK for World Wide Wave, Amsterdam
2009 Residency at Moddr and Performance at Worm for World Wide Wave, Rotterdam
2009 The End of Television Sunday June 14 2009, Pittsburg.
2008 Interactivos?08, Madrid, Spain

ISEA Rhur:
ITP Thesis: No Link
Art && Code 3D:
Go Brooklyn Art:
Vice/Creator’s Project:
Video collaboration for Article:
Techn0KVLT (beginings of research blog):
Have taught 1-10 day workshops at 3rd Ward, MoMA, Eyebeam, CMU, GAFFTA, Greenfab, Quad
Manhattan, Death by Audio, and Cooper Union, NYU, SVA, Dorkbot Linz and NYC, Palais Kabbelwerk, Isea Rhur

adobe creative suite, sketch-up, processing, arduino, pd/max/msp, projection-mapping
aftereffects, final cut, able to maintain and modify various hardware, AV/IT tech

3d printing (maker bot, powder + extrusion based printers), lasercutting, vinyl cutting, cnc

english, russian, french, italian, spanish, german, pure data, max/msp, python, java, C,
objective C