Port Cities at the Old Stone House 2015

Lighting Design for the Alexander Wang afterparty at NYFW 2015

Cosplay at the Brick 2015

Port Cities at Dixon Place 2015

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Thread at Irondale Art Center 2014


Lost Property Unit at Here Theater 2014

L’Chaim @Horace Mann theater 2013

Polish woodcarver Chaim Chalef uses his art to run away from Auschwitz, lives in the forest with a band of Partisans and reunites with his wife eight years after the war starts. They head to Melbourne for a new life.

Jude wakes up to realize the sky is about to fall on her head and unless she participates in an absurd game of life involving a chorus of bucket-wielding townsfolk, a psychopathic butcher and an animated projected chicken, she may just lose.

A dying old man lies in a hospital bed contemplating whether to leave this earth for the stars.

Three semi-autobiographical stories told through installation, projection, movement and poetic text, immerse an audience in a timeless tale of choice, love and life.

Comfort of Numbers @Actor’s Studio, Signature Theater 2013

This is my time. It’s mine and it’s yours.

This, is what it feels like.

Fall madly in love, fall from a great height, fall incurably ill. What are the odds of these happening to you? Our universe is an infinite number of particles moving haphazardly like dust specks in a sunbeam. Colliding, connecting and breaking apart again. One thing is certain, it will not stop; it never does. Enjoy the ride.

The comfort of numbers is about interconnectedness; about our personal relationships with others, with reality and with life. The play centres around two physicists who are struggling with the concept of time. Meanwhile, music comes alive, and there is some dancing too! Playing with perception and proportion, the very small; such as subatomic particles, our individual tragedies and miracles is contrasted with the very big; the universe, Love and Death.

A question emerges: How do we take the very personal heartbreaks and losses that make up our private lives and understand them as part of a larger world?