The Perils of Obedience
A Performance in Two Acts
Wherein the Authority of the Spectacle Justifies complicity between Controlling Viewer & Puppet Actor
Embedded Technologies dis-splay for your Education & Amusement Hidden Systems of Social Control

Acte I
Wherein an Experimenter in a Lab Coat Tells the Assembled Crowd:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs–Welcome! To the greatest experiment of showbusiness!

Today I hand the reigns over to you–its the ultimate in user oriented experience!

We enter into the unknown together ladies and gentlemen.

Our brave performer Valeria Marraco will submit herself entireley to the will of any brave soul willing to step forward and take control!

But, caution!

Since she is entireley subject to your will, you might–by accident or design, walk her directly into traffic!

Our aural landscape will unfold around us, depending on your voracity to control her, its composition revealing hidden systems of control.

Acte II
Wherein a Crowd Member full of Courage controls a Willing Puppet to limits of Septacular Power and Personal Saftey

made with damian frey (music) and val maracco (dance)