Documentation of Wheel of Fortune at Figment NYC

Step right up!

Spin the Wheel OF Dharma!
Spin the wheel and watch the cycle of samsara revolve through beginningless time!
Where will it all end, folks!? What’s your fate? Come on and give ‘er a spin and lets find out!

Fortuna may spin but this is a circle within a circle. The wheel is a map. Follow Fortuna’s guidance to the right time and A street. Spin the playa around, take the playa for a spin.

Lady Luck is the Bomb Babe of WW II, there is a narrative on each of her 16 axes, the 8 fold path and the 8 cardinal directions, or locations on a map of Black Rock City, it all depends which way you squint your brain.

There will be smaller wheels which participants can find if they follow their Fortunes or by chance.

We will find our Fortune weather we follow her or not. Call it Fate, call it chance, call it prophesy or retrospect, the tendency to create higher orders of narrative will.