The fire ritual was a performance made at “Spectra” a two-woman show with Ria Rajan at Walkin Studios in Bangalore.

We cloaked the building in light, darkness at the South, UV on the West a rainbow made with led par cans in the North and fire in the East.

“Some say that pure fire can only be gotten by rubbing two sticks together. The fire must be made without fuel, without sputtering sparks like in a lighter. It then must be cared for and held vigil for. It can be passed down from person to person, gifted between friends, propagated in the community.

In the spirit of today we will soak our two sticks in fuel, and have a fall guy spark it from a lighter. But I invite you to light your candles from us, and pass the fire on from candle to candle. Use this fire to light our space together, and bring in the night. Lets hold a pleasant vigil in this space, lighting and warming ourselves by the flames.”


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