This fall (2015) I went to India and installed and designed the begining of a temple called the “Temple of the Enlightened Singularity” aptly named by Freeman Murray. Freeman is one of the founders of Jaaga in Bangalore where I did a two month residency.
The temple core is shaped like a pyramid. The geometric and spiritual power of pyramids need not be expounted upon here, an excellect fiction based account of the shape can be found in Tom Robbins book; Still Life with Woodpecker. The body is a collaboration between myself and the artist Vivek Chokalingam. The outside is stitched mosquito netting, a surprisingly versatile projection surface.
I ventured into my first projection mapping attempt with lasers. It was quite challenging and fantastic to attempt this. It is still a work in progress. I also projected on it with traditional digital projectors.
I taught a class called Performing Systems at Srishti Design Univercity in Bangalore. The premise of this class was to design a hardware/software/musical instrument/controller/sculptural/spatial system where the audio and visuals are two aspects of the same process and that you have to perform to create a synesthetic time based experience. This is an ongoing thesis being formulated by the Fast Food Collective, of which I am a member. The temple served as a projection surface for the students in the class. We also re-built the structure on a rooftop plaza in the city for an urban performance and installation. This allowed us to recontextualize the temple core in one of many ways to come.