No conversation about light is complete without talking about the sun.

And no conversation about time is complete without talking about the moon.
This diptych is a collaborative audiovisual piece that continuously loops through the link between light, space and time.

The audio is a composition that includes a sonification of the sun’s electromagnetic waves as well as direct recordings of the sounds it emits.

The Moon print is a cyanotype that was created using found objects and exposed using the sun. It highlights the shadow and light play occurring naturally throughout the day.
While the Sun is a sculptural piece with digital projections focussing on human made light and form.

Materials – Digital projections, field recordings of the sun (thank you, NASA), samples from The Golden Record (thank you again, NASA) plywood, matchsticks, wooden skewers, canvas.

Made with Ria Rajan



We had a live jam session with this piece using samples from the sun (as recorded by NASA) and from within the room itself.