Sacred Space with ritual and jam scene.
Temple of the Crystal Singularity had a ritual where participants created their own crystal portraits.

Spoken by Sofy
“welcome to the prayer room

here we will be exploring our communal frequencies and individual vibrations. first, out of respect for the event, please get your phones out of your pockets, turn them on, and, if you know the phone number of anyone in this room please call them. send some signals up to the satellites. okay now dont wait to pick up just put your phones all here in this very special bowl. it’s one of a kind–its a cell phone singing bowl. it will keep our connection with the stratosphere going and guide us on our way
pick up crystal
the soul is like a crystal, each with it’s own imperfections–each with its own feedback loops of light and dark. today we will be making our own soul crystals–please take a sheet
before you you see the empty vessel of you waiting to be filled in
Please write down around this crystal three words that descibe how you see you (hazel eyes, olive skin, etc) Now write three words on how you see your spirit (rainbow, sparkly, black) now cross out the five words that apply least,

pick a color from the table one that speaks to your childhood dreams and color in a facet or two, now pick one that speaks to the ambitions of your present and color in a facet or two, now, give your sheet to the person across from you, so often in life our destiny is in other people’s hands. color in a few facets, arbitrarily, based on your projections on them. now leave the paper and switch seats with the person across from you. look at each other,”

Spoken by Ria

“this is how your are seen by the other.
shift your paper one person to the left–look at their color spectrum, shift it down and color in some facets, sometimes you just have to do some grunt work for other people ;) hand it back.
look at the last word on your sheet,
color in the remaining facets based on that word
cross the word out
you are looking at your self as a crystal–
lets bring it into solid space
follow the instructions to fold
you may gift your crystal to someone tonight–or to the altar right here, or you may keep it for yourself

please take your phone on the way out”

















Jam Scene:

After the ritual the space was left open with an audio feedback patch and mics throughout the altar as well as a reactive backing track.

There were moments where I came to activate the space (please note, video does not match audio):

And moments where participants came up with their own scenes (all audio is matched to the video here):